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雪崩时, 没有一片雪花觉得自己有责任.

Decorate your houses with holy holly at Christmas.

What he said is all hollow promise.

There’s always a catch. So be careful of your back always.

It’s easier to remove a stain from clothing than erase lies from the heart.

How to treat a bee sting or a spider bite?
Just let it go. Don’t consider it, don’t talk with it, and erase it from your mind.

When I see explaining how surgeons perform bloodless operations with laser beams, I always think whether they can give an injection without pains.

In the Wasteland, you must reduce to one instinct: Survive.

Could the human being’s activities and logic analysis be a kind of seamless and smooth water flow.

British Astronaut Dials Wrong Number from Aboard the International Space Station
“Hello, is this planet Earth?”
Peake, who boarded the space station less than two weeks ago, wrote on Twitter late Thursday night saying that he had been trying to call his family. “Hello, is this planet Earth?” he asked the woman who answered the phone.

Peake tried to call his family on Monday, but had to leave a message–as they weren’t home.

He arrived at the space station Dec. 15 along with American Tim Kopra and Russaion Yuri. He is the first Englishman to board the Space Station, according to USA Today.

Avoid Strategies and decisions that are imprudent, highly risky, or un-businesslike. Little value comes from approaching the BSG exercise “like a daring adventurer out to win some variant of a video game with off the wall decisions.”

In the wastelands of Today, where there’s nothing left to lose, and there’s nothing more to take. But you force yourself to choose.
In the wastelands of Today, where tomorrow disappears, while the future slips away, and your hope turn into fear.

Sometimes feels like everything in the Common wealth wants to kill you. Are they threats? No, Decorations.

Sometimes you just need to advertise.

You may not be able to stop the nightmares, but you can control them.


No. 1 当质量到达一定程度时,质量带来的价格提高因素降为零,呈现水平趋势。

No. 2 质量有下限,消费者承受的最差质量。此处的价格为零。

No. 3 存在比实际行业的中点偏上的某个点,出现理性条件下的最佳性价比。应该会是性能对价格的影响力的拐点上。假设:消费者拥有足够的能力支持购买,会理性地要求最有效率的性价比。在性价比中,会沿着价格,先缓慢上升,再急速下降。最佳性价比的产品不是足够用的,而是足够好用的产品,所以,在急速下降的某个阶段出现。超越这个阶段,性能对价格的影响力迅速下降,近乎消失。

No. 4 Nobody Here 也许红旗等国产政府品牌会在这个地方。也就是说,在竞争环境中无法生存,但是在独裁国家的政府市场中可能存在这种情况。即使产品质量差,依然可以卖高价格。另一种可能性是,在政府的贸易保护主义中,关税和竞争被用来严格限制竞争导致的产品质量和价格脱节,比如韩国的猪肉。

No. 5 企业必须具有相当 Bug 的能力才能实现,高质量低价格。如果企业强撑这个局面,将很快破产死亡。如果企业具有很强的实力,如小米进入各种传统产业那样,会成为一个产业搅局者,改变产业形态,迅速抢占市场。具有绝对的吸引力。

No. N

  • 这个是 customer purchasing perspective rather than companies’ thinking image.
  • 什么是质量? Quality? 还是 Luxury?
  • 感觉,在 No. 3 点附近稍高一点区域的公司将占领最高的利润和最大市场份额。

Gmail blue is part of initial conception for gmail when it was launched.
The culture of google really is to incorporate moonshot thinking into every project.
It’s taken us six years to develop the technology to achieve Gmail Blue.
Our major challenge was how do we make this intimate, intuitive, realistic, and organic.
We’re facing the challenge, how do we completely redesign and create something while keeping it exactly the same.

I want to become a creator and share my icons with the world.
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